Friday, June 26, 2009

Have blog, must be nerd.

Oh no... I am enough of a nerd that I find this video hilar.

I'm "lol"!

I'm "rotfl"!

I'm not really doing any of those things!

But if you don't think this video is funny, you are gay... yeah, I said it! PWNED!




  1. What is PWNED? I've always wanted to know...

  2. Scenario:
    Two gamers are playing an online fighting game of some sort (i'm not enough of a nerd to know the names)in which you can communicate with each other via text. Player number one delivers a death blow to the face of Player number two with his sword of destiny. To rub in the fact that Player number two now has to use his magical life potion to reserrect himself, Player number one types the message "dude, you just got OWNED by my sword of destiny death blow!" However, in a tragically over-eager mistake, his tired and sweaty finger slips off the "o" key landing instead on the "p". Thus, player number two has been PWNED!
    It is one of the tragedies in my life that I know this. And I'll never be able to erase that knowledge from my head.

  3. The game was Counter Strike, an FPS that is still played in several LAN cafes.

    That's right, I'm a more nerd

    PWNED (with bad english)

  4. Wow, Anonymous, you sound smart and hot and not at all like a loser! Lets be bffs!